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I create one of a kind unique characters . I am passionate about my art and love to incorporate whimsy and usual elements or themes into my pieces. Although I create dolls for all seasons and holidays, I must admit that I adore Halloween and love to make witches and pumpkins and things that go bump in the night.

My work has been published in Art Doll Quarterly and Prims .....Cordelia and Niles, my witch and cat combination were honored to be on the cover of the 2012 Autumn issue of Art Doll Quarterly

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Percy and Portia Punkin an adorable set of Pumpkin Folks

Percy and Portia Punkin are an original set of Pumpkin people sitting together on a bench enjoying a beautiful fall day.  This set was created by me and is an original one of a kind set.  Percy is approximately 18" tall and 4" wide. he was created with paperclay over wooden and wire armature and has wired, poseable legs. Percy is dressed in fabric breeches with a shirt, suspenders and bow tie fabricated from paper with two metal brads on his pants.  Portia is approximately 17.5" tall and about 6" wide she was also created by forming paperclay over wooden and wire armature, her arms and legs are wired and poseable. Portia is dressed for fall in various leaf print cotton and her bodice is made from a vintage gold and white striped fabric. Her fall bonnet is made from various papers, fabric, cheesecloth and is topped with a vintage button.  Both dolls were painted with artist acrylics and double sealed with a matte varnish.  This wonderful couple are sitting on a black wooden bench that has been lightly distressed, they fit perfectly on the bench and it makes the perfect display for them. Both dolls are signed and dated and this set will be available on my Etsy site.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Batty Patty is a new original one of a kind Halloween Witch created by me.  As you can see Patty is Batty about Bats and has them on her bodice and hat and is wearing her favorite bat necklace.  Patty is 40" tall and about 16" wide.  Patty's face, hands and feet are sculpted from paperclay and she is painted with artist acrylics and double sealed with a matte varnish.  Batty Patty is dressed in an array of black, orange and white cotton fabrics.  Her bat black hair is wool roving and her paper crafted hat is embellished with bat ribbon, feathers, pearls and tulle.  Batty Patty is constructed with wired arms and legs so she is able to be posed as you like.  Patty is a fun loving witch that is sure to cheer up your Halloween.

Polly Poison a New Wonderful Witch Bust

 Polly Poison is a Witch Head Bust Mounted on an candlestick base. Polly is a one of a kind original piece created by me.  Polly stands 23" tall and is about 10" wide.  Her face is hand sculpted paper clay and is painted with artist acrylics and double sealed with a matte varnish.  Polly is adorned with a paper crafted hat covered in spiders and embellished with ribbon, feathers, tattered cheesecloth and a polka dot flower. Her white witchy hair is wool roving and she has some lovely magic crystals for earrings.
Polly Poison has a ribbon, tulle and cheesecloth bow at her neck and attached is her special poison bottle.  Polly is ready to enchant your tabletop or bar for a lovely Poisoned Halloween.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Molly and Max Mandible A Mr. and Mrs. Halloween Art Doll SkellySet

Molly and Max Mandible are an original Mr. and Mrs. Bride and Groom Skelly Set created by me. They were created from altered plastic skulls set on candle sticks, Molly's stand is mustard gold aged metal and Max has a black distressed wooden stand. They each have a paperclay eyeball and are painted with artist acrylics and double sealed with matte varnish.  Molly is about 12" tall  and 6" wide while Max is 14" tall and 5" wide.  Max, a quite dashing groom,  has a white paper shirt with black paper jacket. a black and white polka dot bow tie and white paper boutonniere, his black and white paper top hat is adorned with a black fabric flower and a bit of tattered cheesecloth, peeking out of his hat is a bit of black wool roving hair.  Molly is a stunning bride and is embellished with aged lace, tulle, pearls and a paper flower bouquet, she has a pearl drop earring and even has eyelashes on her eyeball. Max wears a  sealed paper sign " Till Death due us Part".   They are an adorable set of Skelly's perfect for cheerfully glooming up your Halloween or a one of a kind creepy gift for your favorite newlyweds.
Mr. and Mrs. Mandible are done in black and white for Max and ivory, gold and pink for Molly.  I can also make a custom set, with your choice of eyeball, hair, jacket, veil and flower colors for a custom bride and groom set which makes a unique gift .  They are available for sale on my Etsy shop Primville.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Chester - Ready for Halloween

Chester is a one of a kind Skelly Halloween Original Art piece made by me.  Chester was created from a pre made plastic skelton head that I painted and mounted to a black wooden candle stand. He is approximately 15" tall and 5" wide. Chester was painted with artist acrylics, has a paperclay eyeball and was double sealed with a matte varnish. He is adorned with a custom paper top hat trimmed with muslin, tattered and aged cheesecloth along with feathers.  He sports a orange and black bow along with tattered and aged cheesecloth.  His attached placard is sealed paper and reads
Chester and the Bone Yard Band.  Chester comes with a handmade from paperclay smiling pumpkin that sits at the base of his stand.

Chester is an adorable (in a gory sort of way) Skelly that will brighten your Halloween party, he is perfect for a Halloween tablescape, looks great on a bar or piano and he is ready to party!

Chester is available for sale at my Etsy Shop Primville


Tuesday, September 5, 2017



Gladys is a unique one of a kind witch creation made by me. She is a large witch 52" tall, which includes her wonderful witches hat and is she about 18" wide, in the second photo shown she is sitting in a white chair which is a regular people dining chair.  Gladys is
sculpted paperclay over a wire and cotton batting armature and is dressed in a wonderful combination of black and white fabrics with some burnt orange accents, her long full white hair is made from wool roving.  She is wired so her arms and legs are able to be positioned in a variety of poses.  Gladys is dressed and embellished with a variety of fabrics, lace, feathers, jewelry and trims, some of which are vintage. When I create my witches it seems that at a certain point they take over the design process and help me to conjure up a truly unique character and Gladys dictated that she would be a fun loving but elegant witch. Gladys comes with her very own glass of witches brew (non spillable) complete with a spider stir stick and an eyeball olive. Until my creations go to their new homes I enjoy them by displaying them in my home, Gladys perches on a bench in my living room and more than once she has encouraged me to sit down with her and share a witchy story and a drink, she really makes a great drinking companion. 

Maude a Fun Loving Witch decked out in green. Maude is available to purchase and will be listed in my Etsy shop mid September

Maudie is an original creation made by me. she is sculpted with paper clay over a wire and cotton batting armature and carefully painted with artist acrylics and double sealed with matte varnish.  She is playfully dressed and is adorned with various fabrics, lace, feather and jewel embellishments some of which are vintage Maudie has brown wool roving hair. She loves her sweet black cat with his wire whiskers and orange polka dot vest.  Maudie is a big witch, the white chair she is sitting in on the first picture is a standard people dining chair.  She is approximately 46" tall with her hat and about 19" wide.  Her arms and legs are wired so she is able to be displayed in various poses.  I always say that when I create my witches at one point they seem to cast a spell on me and dictate the development of their own individual character.  Maudie is definitely a unique witch, her mischievous smile and twinkly eyes make me smile every time I look at her.  I am sure that she is conjuring up a spell or a practical joke to brighten my day.